Veena Parunkush Das


“Mentoring is a brain to pick, a ear to listen and a push in the right direction.”
And that is what Veena is for Dreaming Child. Her constant thirst for knowledge and research in child-care practices keeps the teachers of Dreaming Child on the edge of their learning curve, pushing forward for growth.

She leaves no stone unturned to bring out the best in every teachers. She celebrates each teacher, believing in them and empowering them to be the leaders of their classroom. Be it curriculum designing or assessments – every teacher partners with her, deepening their understanding on the subjects, for she ensures that the design of the modules is such that every child at Dreaming Child is challenged in class.

She is extremely accountable and proactive – keeping Dreaming Child, the teachers and children, as her first priority. While every teacher at Dreaming Child takes care of the emotional and cognitive safety of the children, Veena takes care of the emotional and cognitive safety of our teachers.
With her calm persona, honest character and boundless wisdom she is a role-model to us. Veena is a true blessing upon Dreaming Child. And we flourish and thrive under her guidance.


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