About Us

Dreaming Child was founded in 2010 keeping in mind that it is a place ‘WHERE CHILDREN LEAD’. We launched our Pre-School in 2017. Today, we run a one of a kind Preschool at Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi, alongside providing a rich selection of Afterschool Programs for children of the ages: 15 months to 18 years.
Complementing our Preschool is also the newly established Day care facility.

Our Philosophy

Dreaming Child believes that the child is an innately curious, capable and independent being who is inclined to explore his/her natural inclinations and learn. Every child has tremendous potential to construct his/her own understanding of the world around him/her.


What We Do

Safeguard the Child:  Provide opportunities to every child to challenge and nurture growth on all fronts: Social, Emotional, Physical and Cognitive.

Synthesized Curriculum: Understand philosophies from the most respected systems of education on early child care and build on what is relevant to our context.

Scaffold Teachers: Equip our teachers with pedagogical strategies to guide our 21st Century learners.

Sensitize Community: Sensitize the community to have faith in the cognitive ability of children and trust them to be drivers of change.


Our Core Values

Creative: We sketch, erase and re-design creative solutions in all areas of work for better outputs. We do not believe in stagnation.

Research-Based: As The Dream-Team we constantly work towards understanding the dynamics of children to innovate better models of learning.

Reflective: We believe in incorporating feedback, on action and not the person. At all times we upgrade all working systems.

Transparent: We believe in complete honesty in all our relations. Be it our service providers or the children or the parents.



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