Afterschool Programs

At Dreaming Child we offers a range of enquiry based workshops for children from 18 months and above, where children lead in the classrooms in every which way. All the workshops are designed to nurture independence, curiosity, creativity, self-expression and sensitivity.

Age: 15 months to 3 yrs | Class size: 10 children

“Engage the Natural Curiosity of the child” is our slogan!

This program aims to nurture the young child in all domains of development (cognitive, socio-emotional, physical) through self initiated interventions rooted in play, sensory explorations and real-life experiences.

Age: 3-5 years and 6-8 years

“Discovering the power of self-expression through storytelling” 

This immersive workshop is designed for children to experience an integrated curriculum, complete with stories, music, artwork, theatre exercises and language games which will, in time, help them appreciate the wealth of books and discover the power of reading.

Age: 4 - 6 years | Class size: 5 children

Read with Ease is an individualized module with a scientific approach  aimed at addressing every child’s need to read and write. This program is curated for young children to apply phonetic patterns to reading words fluently as well as helping children in the physical act of reproducing words.


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