Read with Ease
(Age: 4 to 6 years)

Class Size: 5

Read with Ease is an individualized module aimed at addressing every child’s need to read.
The bonus of this program is that the child’s writing skills are also honed.

Program Goals: 

  • Reading
    • Develop Phonological awareness
    • Apply phonetic patterns to reading words fluently 
    • Extending this ability to read short sentences and small paragraphs as per their readiness.
  • Writing is the fuel that drives communication – and transcription is the basis for writing.
    • Helping children in the physical act of reproducing words 


Mediums of Instruction 

  • Language games, music and rhythm 
  • Phonics drills and worksheets, used in a graded manner, to develop fluency 
  • Exposure to additional reading materials and books, through formal and informal ways 
  • Working with writing tools to go through the stages of writing 



  • Small batch sizes with up to 5 children per batch 
  • Differentiated instruction to meet each child’s individual need 
  • Scientific approach, with regular assessments to track the progress of every child 


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