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Our Infrastructure

The infrastructure is designed keeping the child in mind to ensure maximum participation and independence. We have a safe and clean environment that stimulates, excites, challenges and engages the child in every way required for their development. The entire school is equipped with air purifiers ensuring a healthy learning environment.

Having a “No Classroom” policy, the indoor space is divided into learning corners that address critical developmental areas. These corners are carefully planned so that each child can move safely and access all material independently as per their developmental needs. Each corner also provides extensive scope for explorations.

Our 5 key indoor corners are: Exploration Hut, Math, Language, Practical Life and Art.

Our outdoor space is a natural environment that is truly sensorial in nature. It is filled with opportunities for the child to construct knowledge through play, creation observation, understanding, and imagination. Designed to learning from and in nature, our outdoors will allow the children to develop in all domains through free play, explorations and directed learning.

Our 5 key outdoor areas are: Story Well, Kitchen Garden, Sensory Play, Nature Trails and Athletes Arena.

Our 5 Key Indoor Corners

Exploration Hut: Literally shaped like a hut, the space encourages our preschoolers to explore all kinds of worlds. We have the deepest darkest jungles with tigers and chimpanzees prowling around to high tea parties with biscuit and scones hosted by the kings and queens. In another corner of the exploration hut you may find musicians of all kinds jingling and jangling while heavy traffic with buses, cars, airplanes and autos zoom by.

Math: You don’t have the usual suspects with walls covered with additions and subtractions nor the overbearing numbers staring down at your little one. This math corner is a relief to even adults with math phobia. It has wooden blocks of all shapes and sizes in one corner, and varying coloured and shaped magnets on the other. For the really curious ones we have a weighing scale, of the analog variety, to weigh all the objects that surround it.

Language: Another special favourite amongst the kids is this corner which has story books which come alive. They do not come alive just with the teacher’s help but also with the help of fellow classmates. This is the corner where story telling by the children too is encouraged. The phonetic cards too make for a lovely time to get those exact sounds rolling out of the little tongues.

Practical Life: An area which helps parents see immediate progress in their child. For every child at our progressive pre-school is encouraged to lay the tables and mats themselves as well as clean up. The clean-up time has the children rolling-up their own mats, throwing away the leftover food in a collection bowl, segregating their cutlery and their plates in various trays. Basins at children’s height help them wash-up after themselves.

Art Corner: Discovering various kinds of impressions with various kinds of tools while painting, making an utter splish-splash in this area results in sparkly eyes filled with glee and delight. This is another corner that helps them explore their various senses in the most fun way possible.

Indoor Gallery

Our 5 Key Outdoor Areas

Story Well: Around the well and within the well, stories unfold and songs sung by the sweetest voices of Dreaming Child. Below the signature ‘bel’ tree children are carried away to many lands with many lovely characters. Songs of mum and dad, grandparents, siblings sung with full gusto. Undoubtedly it is a structure that only promotes a sense of communal harmony.

Kitchen Garden: Meditation comes in the form of watching the children intently planting, weeding, watering, harvesting in our Kitchen Garden. Under the elderly gulmohar tree’s shade their Zen like focus is admirable when they get one with the earth and tend to its’ bounty. Within this preschool’s kitchen garden, we can witness the efforts of 3 – 4 year old literally come to fruition. The sense of ownership they have over ever leaf is spellbinding.

Sensory Play: The soft sands, the random rows of pipes of all sizes and lots more provide our children with endless options for exploration. If there guardians did not come to get them we are quite sure the children will sit in Sensory Play for ours. We would too! This area host activities with water, sand, paint and if the some of them feel adventurous you will find them painting with sand all three. This is something we encourage and don’t hold them back at all.

Nature Trail: Tiny feet walk in our Nature Trail to explore the various flora and fauna that our progressive preschool has to offer. Their exploration leads them to learn about not only the names of each but even understand who takes care of them, how they tended to and even the various groups they belong to. Nature Trail always has the kids focus on the beauty in the biggest and the smallest things that is up for offer.

Athletes Arena: Here is where you see the same bunch of meditative children burst into action, be it in kicking balls around or crawling through the colourful tunnels. Athletes Arena has hillocks for the children to roll around, summit during free play. It even witnesses organised games to test the children’s balance, aim, hand-eye coordination, coordinated movements and much more.

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