Our Team

Veena Parankush Das
Instructional Head

Veena Parankush Das – Mentor “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.” And that is what Veena is for Dreaming Child. Her constant thirst for knowledge and research in child-care practices keeps the teachers of Dreaming Child on the edge of their learning curve, pushing forward for growth. 

Veena has over 25 years of experience with respected progressive schools across India, specializing in the field of language, math and science. 

She leaves no stone unturned to bring out the best in every teacher. She celebrates each teacher, believing in them and empowering them to be the leaders of their classroom. Be it curriculum designing or assessments – every teacher partners with her, deepening their understanding on the subjects, for she ensures that the design of the modules is such that every child at Dreaming Child is challenged in class

She is extremely accountable and proactive – keeping Dreaming Child, the teachers and children, as her first priority. While every teacher at Dreaming Child takes care of the emotional and cognitive safety of the children, Veena takes care of the emotional and cognitive safety of our teachers. 

With her calm persona, honest character and boundless wisdom she is a role-model to us. Veena is a true blessing upon Dreaming Child. And we flourish and thrive under her guidance.

Mahima Kaur

Mahima Kaur 

Mahima is the dynamic and visionary founder of Dreaming Child Preschool in Delhi. 

They say that you should “have the courage to follow your heart and intuition; they somehow already know what you truly want to become.” And that’s what Mahima knows – that she is meant to be the champion of children.

She is a qualified in Electrical and Computer engineering from Cornell University with a Montessori Diploma for MMI & 15 years of experience in the field of education. 

Her passion for empowering children through the unique models created in Dreaming Child speaks volumes for her ‘entrepreneurial and creative skills’ in ways never seen before. It is not experimental, it is not a flash in the pan – it is built on much research on the what, why, how, when and where of ‘learning’ experiences . Her moral and ethical compass will not let her do less by children and it is these values which have become the backbone of the company and draws facilitators and parents to it.

Shweta Prakash
Academic Incharge

Quality is not an act, but a habit. 

When Aristotle coined this he probably thought of qualities like Shweta’s ! 

Shweta is a gift to any institution. 

She has graduated in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi with a Montessori Diploma from the Aardee School,and 18 years work experience in the field of education.  

Her incessant drive to make every moment a rich learning experience for each child means her planning and classroom preparation is par excellence

Shweta is an extremely focused person and an avid reader, with her aim in life being never to stop learning. 

The sheer joy and warmth she envelops her children in is because she transforms herself into a child like them, leading the children’s exploration of corner after corner with the same curiosity and enthusiasm. ‘Yes Ma’am’ is her standard response to any request – which clearly shows the kind of positive person she is !

Monika Bhuchar
Administrative Incharge

“I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.” This quote describes our dearest Monica best! 

Monica shoulders responsibility like no other and the whole of Dreaming Child rests easy because of this .

She has a Montessori Diploma from the Aardee School,  over 15 years of teaching  experience with various progressive institutes in New Delhi. 

She loves each child like her own and remembers them fondly long after they have graduated from our school. 

Her classes are filled with fun and high energy, resulting in smiles from ear to ear on every tiny face. The most exhausted of the team giggles and laughs for she brings relief into the space – like a breath of fresh air! 

She cares for Dreaming Child,  like it’s her  home. She is one of the pillars that we, at Dreaming Child, rely on at all times.


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