Toddler’s Explorations Copy

Toddler’s Exploration
Age: 18 months to 3 yrs

Class Size –

10 Children

“Engage the Natural Curiosity of the child.”
The children will discover a safe environment of learning where they are given freedom to initiate activities and free-play using varied tools and sensory materials.

Explorations will include

Circle Time: Developing physical, emotional and social skills through music and movement. The aim is to Hear and be Heard, To Sing and to Dance, To Participate in music, dance, stories and games! To experience the company of other children.

Sensory Explorations: Involves sensory play, cooking and gardening to develop your child’s ability to reason. Children will Explore, Experiment, Create and MAKE A MESS with a wide range of sensory tools and materials.

Practical Life: Developing self-esteem and self-sufficiency through performing daily chores. Children will Clean, Sort, Wash, Sweep and develop self-esteem and self-sufficiency through performing daily chores!

Isha Sagar
Lead Teacher

”No one else is you and that is your power” – This quote describes our dear Isha best!
Isha is a pleasure to watch when she is with her kids. She believes in the children and it shows when she goes down on all fours to get to their eye level – to hear them out.
Her storytelling and music sessions with toddlers are a sight to watch! Each of the little ones enact the scenarios along with her, with full use of expressions and body language. She has a keen eye for detail which allows her to play her part to perfection. Her artistry is visible in the cute scrapbooks that she creates for her toddlers and in her art classes. When given freedom and responsibility, Isha’s leadership qualities comes to the fore!


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