Improvisation Theater
Age: 13 years and above

Class Size: 15 children

Improvisation Theatre, a form of live theatre, is a dynamic stage where the plot, characters and dialogue in a scene, a game or a story constantly evolve and get made up in the moment

The students will practice and learn to play with spontaneity and trust their own impulses through techniques based on the methodology of British-Canadian pioneer of improvisational theatre, Keith Johnstone. Open to newcomers as well as theatre practitioners, the classes will enable participants to connect scenes and build a narrative structure using relationships, characters, status and emotions concluding with performances applying both short and long form improvisation.

The primary goal here is to empower players to create and weave plots and stories on the spot and present it to an audience with skill and panache.

Every session will get the players to Explore and Learn the art and techniques of Improvisation Theatre through understanding nuances of

  • Acting
  • Effective Communication
  • Audacious Thinking
  • Spontaneity and Creativity
  • Empathy
Blessin Varkey
Lead Teacher

Blessin is an Accessibility researcher and the founder & artistic director of The Impro Company, based in New Delhi.

He has been exploring improvisation since 2015 and has since then, been directing and teaching impro, with a focus on Keith Johnstone’s “Impro System”. As an actor, Blessin has been part of various theatre, digital productions and improv groups; and also uses applied improvisation in corporate training. Blessin has also served as the Artistic Director (Improvisation) at Playground Comedy Studio, Delhi’s first Comedy Studio where he founded the Playground Improv Collective. Blessin is also a NASSCOM recognized Social Innovator, and has been working on accessibility and developmental disabilities since 2013.


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